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Please fill out the following and post 3 or more pictures for application:

Name: Jason
Age: 20
Location: Troy
School/Occupation: Marquette University
Sexual Preference: I prefer women to men
Fav Music: I am one of the few people who aren't lying when they say everything. I just like music.
Other Important Info: I'm a quiet kid, but as soon as I get comfortable, I'll say lots of things. I like making people laugh. I'm a Criminology Major, in case anyone's wondering what I study.
Who Referred you?: I was just looking up local communities.

Image hosted by
this would be me not looking too well in January. I still played that show, after being incapacitated with an allergic reaction! Yeah, I'm tough like that.

Image hosted by
with one of my sisters at school. Oldish picture, but it shows what I look like when I'm not sick.

Image hosted by
in case you forgot I'm a guitar player... dig the tag sticking out of my sweater.
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