Jonathan (callit) wrote in metrod_singles,

Guess I never officially applied...

Although I've been watching for some time.

Location: Big Rapids, Michigan (currently away at college)
Hometown: Chesterfield
School/Occupation: Ferris State University
Sexual Preference: Females
Fav Music: Modern Rock
Other Important Info: 3rd year Computer Info Systems major
Who Referred you?: don't remember

As for a little further info about my hobbies and what I do; I'm pretty active on campus here. I'm a Resident Advisor, a member of Student Government, and Station Manager of our radio station up here.

I have a good sense of humor, am laid back, loyal, generous, very honest (sometimes too honest), I hate to disappoint, and know how to have fun without the common college cliche of constantly being drunk or stoned. Although, I am by no means completely opposed to either.

I've been accused of seeing the world through a kaliedoscope.

I'm an aries, and my favorite color is Blue.

I'm pretty sure I'll be back in the Metro Detroit area at some point.

A couple Pics:

That's me on the right

White Shirt

and finally me standing on top of a large grey van...
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